Birthday Sex….Really?!?!?!

imagesI think it’s safe to say that most of us have heard Jerimih’s new sexy single “Birthday Sex”. Now, there’s no denying, this is a sexy ass song but if it’s my birthday you best believe that his package is not the only package I want to be opening. Now, I’m not saying that I need diamonds or the latest LV bag or Gucci shoes but I’m a grown ass woman so if you gonna come  then you better come correct. I get that Jeremih is still a youngster (21 yrs old) so I think that as an experienced 30 something woman I have to school him just a little if he really wants to get some of that “Birthday Sex”. However, if the woman you’re dating is cool with just getting your special package then this is not for you but if you’re interested in getting at a woman more than just that one time then take note.
First, you have to realize most women don’t even care about what you get them for their birthday as long as it is something thoughtful. Meaning that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on the gift as long as it’s something that you put some thought and time into. I know that some of you men may argue that just giving her you is thoughtful in its self but to a woman it really isn’t. Especially considering that most men are ready to give themselves to any woman that’s willing.
I think it’s important to know that most women can look at a man and know from the first interaction if “he can get it”. So in about 5 minutes women know whether or not we’re going to sleep with you. And a woman will sleep with you unless you do something stupid, like think all you’re going to give her for her birthday is you. Like I said that might work with a younger chick who doesn’t know any better but with a well established woman that is not going to fly. It’s going to take more than just your cute looks to keep her wanting you. You might be fine baby boy but that is the fastest way to turn a woman that is hot for you cold as ice. That aside if you come correct you’ll keep her interested.
I think that most women would agree that the first thing a woman looks at is your swagger, (which means that even if you’re ugly you can still get it). Swagger for those of you that don’t know the meaning, is that je ne sais quoi, that special thing about you that only you have. It could be the way you walk, the way you talk, your confidence, or simply put your aura. A man with swagger has a way of making others around him feel good. This makes him desirable in every way. People (meaning women)WANT to be in his presence, because he is fun, charismatic, pleasant and curiously different. He may have an element of mystery as well, which is intriguing. He is charismatic, well groomed, stylish, and suave. He is the definition of swagger. A man with swagger knows that he needs to come with more than just birthday sex to please and satisfy a woman. And honestly sometimes the sex isn’t even all that. That’s why a gift is necessary, it’s something tangible to make up for the wack sex. Now, let me be clear not everyone has swagger but those that do possess and master it can have the baddest honey wrapped around his finger (i.e. Jay-Z and Beyonce). While most people will agree that Jigga is not the best looking man out there his swagger is undeniable. Therefore, having swagger is key.
Secondly, you have to know how to communicate. I’m sorry fellas but ebonics and street slang are so over. A grown and established woman is not going to want you talking to her the way you would talk to your homeboys or some PYT straight outta high school. Be up on current events and let her know your thoughts on Obama’s health care reform bill or the war going on in Afghanistan. You have to be able to stimulate her mind if you wanna stimulate her body and last longer than just one round. You have to be reading, willing, and able to go all 12 rounds. These young girls now-a-days don’t know anything about that. That’s why Jeremih can sing that “Birthday Sex” to them and their panties are off before he even finishes the song.
Lastly, if you make it into the ring you better be ready to knock her out because you only get one shot at making a first impression 😉

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