Emotional Rollercoaster

 Deep wrinkled, hollowed eyed, burned by the sun flashes of red, crisscross onyx covered retinas. No longer able to contain emotions, hyperventilating, sweating, shaking, stomach flipping because I’ve never really liked roller coasters. Reaching elevating highs, only to be overtaken by catapulting lows, who in their right mind enjoys this? Strapped in tight, blasting tunnels lit with projections of stars, galaxies, asteroids, and other cosmological … Continue reading Emotional Rollercoaster

I Love You But…

Relationships are something else. Those that are in one want to get out of it and those that aren’t in one want one. At this present time I know about 5 different people with relationship issues. The majority of them have found themselves single because either they or their significant other “doesn’t know what they want” right now. Oh, how I hate that explanation. In fact, … Continue reading I Love You But…

Ordinary People: Lost in music & love

I love music primarily because I am defined by words and music gives words a different kind of life. All morning I have been listening to the song Ordinary People by John Legend. Listening to this song has made me think about the nature of relationships and love as a whole.  In relationships, we often forget that no one is perfect, although we like to make ourselves believe as much. Putting … Continue reading Ordinary People: Lost in music & love

Never Regrets, Just Lessons Learned!

I have always lived by that statement; mostly because every situation, whether good or bad, serves as a teacher in the school of life. I’m sure that most of us have done things in our past, which in hindsight, probably wish we could go back and change. However, it is the collection of all our experiences that make us who we are. It is also … Continue reading Never Regrets, Just Lessons Learned!

“Perhaps not to be is to be without your being…”

  Perhaps not to be is to be without your being, without your going, that cuts noon light like a blue flower, without your passing later through fog and stones, without the torch you lift in your hand that others may not see as golden, that perhaps no one believed blossomed the glowing origin of the rose, without, in the end, your being, your coming … Continue reading “Perhaps not to be is to be without your being…”

Bad Habits: We all have them

We all have habits that are not good or down right unhealthy for us. Some habits have become so bad that they can actually be called addiction, there’s smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. We all have seen or know someone that has battled or is battling these addictions. However, some bad habits may not be as serious as the aforementioned but nonetheless can still be harmful … Continue reading Bad Habits: We all have them

It’s a Capicu Christmas…at least for the kids of Bushwick United

As the New Year approaches, I, like most people am reflecting back on all that has happened in 2010. Personally, it has been one great year overall. My family and I are healthy; no one was seriously affected by the real estate disaster or the infamous Madoff scandal that caused the biggest U.S. economic calamity since the Great Depression, I met new friends, was able to … Continue reading It’s a Capicu Christmas…at least for the kids of Bushwick United

Dear Brooklyn…

I used to see you through rose colored lenses. Red, blue, green, like the primary colors of a rainbow. Beauty that could only be expressed as the child birthed from the seeds that were planted in my heart. For me, you defined love It was pure, innocent, like a baby’s laugh or like snowflakes in winter falling on my face. You were perfect… Always waiting … Continue reading Dear Brooklyn…